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HotWax Commerce CTO is an open source stack of omnichannel retail apps.

Its a new front end for your backend. Built on Ionic + Vue, a flexible API integration layer allow it to be connected to any backend OMS or ERP to super charge what your staff are capable of.

the apps


Enable Buy Online Pickup In-Store (BOPIS) and Buy Online Return In-Store (BORIS) to increase online conversions and average order values.


Order Notifications

Send timely confirmations and notifications to inform customers of their order status.

Swift Order Fulfillment

Reduce delivery times by allowing the customer to pick up an online order from their local store.

Pick Up Assistance

Enable sales associates to access all order information immediately to improve customer service.


Vue Storefront BOPIS

Offer pick up in store options on your storefront using our BOPIS plugin built for Vue Storefront

BOPIS button
BOPIS button
BOPIS button


Enhance in-store personalization and empower sales associates by giving them a 360-degree view of the customer.


Enriched Customer Profile

Allow fast access to customer email, phone number, date of birth, wish list, purchase history, style preferences, preferred payment method (encrypted), loyalty status, and points balance for a 360-degree view.

In-Store Personalization

Provide sales associates with the information to make personalized recommendations to in-store shoppers based on previous purchase data and recent browsing history.

Cross-Sell & UpSell

Cross-sell and upsell customers by suggesting items based on buying preferences.

Detailed Product Information

Provide associates with an easy view of what’s available and immediate access to product descriptions so they can educate customers and make relevant recommendations.



Enable sales associates to process orders on mobile in-store without leaving their customers to check on inventory.


Queue Busting

Facilitate convenient checkouts in-store and reduce wait time for shoppers.

Cross-Channel Cart Checkout

Simplify the in-store shopping experience with channel agnostic shopping carts.

Flexible Payment Methods

Allow easy and convenient mobile payment with multiple payment methods such as cash, credit card, Apple Pay, and Android Pay.


Pre orders

Enable merchandisers to reserve some inventory for stores by specifying the quantity of available inventory they want to release for pre-orders that are in the queue.


Store Inventory Management

Manage inventory across your brick-and-mortar and online stores, giving customers a holistic brand experience.


Cycle count

Reconcile inventory regularly through a cycle counting process supported by mobile app functionality.


Digitally manage all your picklists to fulifll more orders from your store or warehoues.



Receive and transfer stock with ease to maximize time spent with customers.


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Because these apps connect to your backend using APIs, implementing customized workflows that suit your business processes becomes dramatically simpler.

By using Ioinc and Vue as our foundation, all of our apps are instantly deployable on any device in the world that runs a web browser. No more specialized hardware, and no more elaborate deployment process. Build once, run anywhere.

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Customize these apps for your business

All of these apps also have their own design Figma files with 100+ components available for free.

These high quality design assets are built using a common design system, making it easy to onboard design agencies and quickly prototype new workflows without worrying about implementation challenges.

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